History of Travancore Cements LTD

The Travancore Cements Limited, a Public Sector Unit, is the manufacturer of the prestigious Vembanad White Cement. The proven purity of the basic raw material lime shell and the expertise as well as technical competency we possess almost for the past seven decades have taken the Vembanad Brand to a world renowned status. Excavation of the natural and fossilized lime shell from the Vemband lake bottom is done in absolutely eco-friendly manner. In addition, our production process doesn’t involve utilization of any chemicals and no hazardous wastes are generated at any phase of the production cycle. 


The Travancore Cements Limited an organization with a glowing chapter in the annals of erstwhile Travancore State is the brain child of its versatile Diwan late Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer. Outsmarting many of his contemporary counterparts in near and far away princely states, Sir CP (as he was popularly known) did possess the nerves of steel to think and plan decisively to transform Travancore into a self-sufficient State. For this the Diwan gave special attention to nurture and bring up industrial units specific to power generation (Pallivasal Hydro-Electric project), fertilizer (FACT), chemicals (TCC, TTP etc.), and of course The Travancore Cements Limited for catering to the needs of construction sector.

Having incorporated in 1946, the company initially concentrated in Grey Cement sector and commenced production in 1949. During the growth period itself i.e. in 1959, TCL ventured into White Cement manufacturing, even when not much was heard of the product at that time. The extensive ground works undertaken by the proponents of Cement production in the state is quite evident from the fact Lime shell which was till that day lying unexplored and embedded under the bottom of Vembanad lake got identified as the basic raw material.  The manufacturing process of TCL has been carried out with the unique wet process technology of FL Smidth & Co. Denmark one of the pioneers  in the filed of Cement Technology.

Vembanad lake is at the estuary mouths of many a rivers flowing into it besides inflowing of a series of canals which serve as serene water way conveyance of country boats in olden days also ferrying goods to and fro, connecting the coastal interiors and the lake. The inter-linked canals’ banks are very fertile and have created a canopy of coconut trees which together with the paddy fields in between, forms a green landscape so cool to the viewers. The Travancore Cements Limited nestles in this beautiful panorama, at the side of Kodoor river which branches from the Meenachil river.

The Vembanad lake is barely half an hour plying distance by boat from the factory and the dredged out lime shell is brought using barges. From just a few minutes walking distance from the M.C Road, the factory compound is now being brought to more proximity with the road traffic conveyance through the construction of M.C Road-Thiruvathukkal bye-pass. If the potential of rail transportation is to be exploited in future, Kottayam Railway station is at a distance of 6-7 kilometers and Kottayam-Trivandrum rail link is at a crow flying distance of 3-4 kilometers only from the factory site.

Switching over exclusively to White Cement production in 1974 with the aim of taking advantage of its market potential, TCL was in domination in the field until the influx of big industrial groups armed with sophisticated technology and modern machinery. As part of diversification TCL started producing Super Shelcem Cement Paint in late seventies and it grabbed the lion’s share of Kerala’s Cement Paint market. But switching over of its consumers to other colour coatings for walls has dwindled the product sales and now the company has launched Wall Putty in the brand name “Vembanad” and the same is  accepted by the market.

We have created a unique space for our product even in the midst of current highly competitive market. We are sensitive to the customer demand and that is the main reason why we are catering with Vembanad White Cement in 1 Kg., 5 Kg. and 25 Kg. packets for the household use even as building construction sector is supplied with 50 Kg. bags. 

Sensing the market pulse, with the continous effort of our R&D wing we have launched Vembanad Wall Putty which, within a limited time span has attained the quality level at par with that of the market leaders. 

TCL became an ISO 9000 : 2000 Certified Company during the year 2000.  The Quality Management System now being followed in TCL is ISO 9001:2008



We, at Travancore Cements are committed to continual improvement of the system, enhancing customer satisfaction, by providing consistent quality products through the implementation of Quality Management System at all levels in the organization.

The responsibility to ensure proper functioning and maintaining of the Quality Standards under the Quality Management System rests with the Management Representative appointed for this purpose. The authorities and responsibilities of the personnel who are coming under the system in various level, designations and the duties they are expected to perform are clearly defined as per the ISO Quality Manual & Procedure Manual.  The departments brought under the purview of Procedure Manual are production of White Cement, Cement Paint & Wall Putty, Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance, Materials Management, Quality Control, House Keeping, Training wing of Personnel Section, Marketing, Sales Section, Out sourced production of Cement Paint & Wall Putty. The Internal Audit wing constituted under this Quality Management System with Certified Internal Auditors within the organization is entrusted with the task of auditing continuously as scheduled and they  conduct periodical audit of the system to maintain the system without non-conformities.  This ensures to keep the system scrupulously   before the External Audit  conducted by the ISO periodically.   The Company’s decision to implement ISO Quality Management System has helped to streamline all the procedures very systematically.  TCl’s non-compromise in quality re-assurers the credibility of its products in the market amidst stiff competition from other market giants.  

Our technical wing is always live to the feed backs from the market to address customer needs to their satisfaction and that too within the shortest possible response time. We assure to continue intermittent interaction with our market stakeholders through stockists meet, dealers meet and painters meet. In addition we are keen to keep the stockists and dealers in good humour by offering attractive sales discounts from time to time.

TCL has been transforming the precious gift of nature, the lime shell, its chief raw material, to the world renowned product called ‘VEMBANAD BRAND’ White Cement.  TCL is the one and only Company in the world which enjoys and own the privilege to produce unmatched quality White Cement from the nature’s precious mineral Lime Shell.  However the Company is committed to preserve nature also.  Though the Company had permission to extract this underwater mineral, only controlled production of raw-material has been resorted to preserve the ecology of the VEMBANAD LAKE (The largest brackish, humid tropical wetland ecosystem on the southwest coast of India, fed by 10 rivers and typical of large estuarine systems on the western coast, renowned for its clams and supporting the third largest waterfowl population in India during the winter months. Over 90 species of resident birds and 50 species of migratory birds are found in the Kol area. Flood protection for thickly-populated coastal areas of three districts of Kerala is considered a major benefit, groundwater recharge helps to supply well water for the region, and the value of the system for the local transport of people and trade is considerable.)  which has been declared as Ramsar site No. 1214 by Ramsar Convention (an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands, recognizing the fundamental ecological functions of wetlands and their economic, cultural, scientific, and recreational value). Company never compromise on quality as well as its commitment of preserving ecology of this typical of large estuarine systems on the western coast. 

To keep this point in mind Company has decided to limit its sole dependence on its raw-material with alternate means by importing White Clinker without any compromise on quality from abroad to meet the customer needs as well as to preserve the employment potential of the State of Kerala.

Of late, we have effectively put in use our technological expertise in dredging by undertaking the de-silting works of lakes, dams etc. We are proud that government of Kerala has whole heartedly endorsed awarding of such works to us and we consider it as an appreciation of work quality and its transparency.

Our R&D wing is active to enrich the product quality and for widening the product range. We would like to underline the fact that TCL will up keep the trust our valuable customers do have upon us and we hereby solicit  the patronage of all in the days ahead also.

Of late, the technological expertise in dredging field possessed by TCL is sought after and put into use by Government of Kerala for de-silting of lakes, dams etc., opening a key area which can effectively be earmarked for delivery of potential competency.



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