Social Welfare of Travancore Cements LTD

The nearby areas of the factory are facing for acute shortage of drinking water. The drinking water supplied by Kerala Water Authority is not sufficient for meeting their daily needs. TCL supply drinking water to the nearby residents, Government Institutions, Public Health centre etc through separate pipe lines from the factory at free of cost as a social commitment to the society. This helps the public who was surviving for drinking water to a great extent.

RTI Informaion

Gazette Notification dated 22.12.2007 and 03.06.2008 by which the procedure for remittance of fee for providing information in the case of Public Authorities other than Government Departments is amended vide Government Order No. GO (P) No. 540/2007/GAD dated 18th December, 2007 as detailed below:

“provided that in the case of public authorities other than the Government Departments, the fee shall be remitted to the account of such public authority as provided in clauses (c) and (d) of rule 3”. Clauses c & d are..