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Super Shelcem Cement Paint

Super Shelcem is a technologically unique formulation with the most durable "Vembanad" White Cement. It contains a high percentage of light fast pigments which help color retention. It contains more White Cement than any other Cement Paint in the country. Super Shelcem does not rub, flake or peel off and can be washed.

Is unaffected by normal climatic conditions and protects the wall against fungi growth. 
Ideal for coating on concrete, asbestos, cement sheets, fibre boards or any Cement surface. 
Depending on the surface a coverage of 7 to 10 Sq.m./kg for two coats is achievable. 

Brand Name Super Shelcem
No. of shades 40
Packing 25Kg Paper  Bags
  5 Kg Paper bags
  3 Kg LDPE bags
  1 Kg LDPE bags


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